Audience watches a performance of Every Brilliant Thing at Silk Moth Stage

Mission and values: 

Silk Moth Stage produces community events with new classics at the center. Our productions are place-based, artist-centered, and audience-connected. 

As a starting point, we borrow Shakespeare and Company’s definition of the classics: The highest truths, universally told, with healing powers.

Silk Moth Stage is a small professional company. We expect artists to behave in accordance with generally accepted standards of professional behavior, which includes respecting other artists, challenging oneself to grow in one’s art, and creating a collaborative environment where we can all push ourselves to take risks.

We invite people to reconsider what a theater experience can be. In a Silk Moth Stage play, you will work in an outdoor environment. You’ll make contact with the audience directly. They’ll surround your performance space. Before and after the show, you’ll connect with them to talk about our shared experience of story creation. At Silk Moth, the audience is a crucial piece of the work. Their imaginations provide most of our tech.

Silk Moth Stage was founded by Aili Huber, a professional director and dramaturg living in West Rockingham County. The American Shakespeare Center, where Aili earned her MFA, brought her to the Shenandoah Valley in 2004, and she stayed.

Inspired to create place-based, audience-centered work in the spot where she’s rooted, Aili began dreaming aloud with area playwrights and actors in late 2020. She constructed a stage on the front of her house in early 2021.

Aili appreciates the support of our board in guiding this project. 2022 Board members are:

  • Holly Labbe, President
  • Pam Mandigo, Treasurer
  • Liz Marin
  • Nina Alabanza
  • Sarah Enloe

The Silk Moth Stage values:

  • Equity and accessibility
  • Honoring artists’ time, training, and talents (this means, among other things, that all artists are paid)
  • Place-based creation, honoring the land and the community where we belong
  • Joy

What People Say About Our Shows

Life seems to have changed in the last three months for me and this play keeps coming back to me. So I’m going to start my own journal of “Every Brilliant Thing.” I like this better than naming 5 things I’m thankful for as I end up thinking of the basic things in life. I want to list the dazzling, mysterious things that feed my spirit in knowing that God as Creator is good. Thanks much for running the show. I connected deeply with it.

Audience member for Every Brilliant Thing

Silk Moth Stage’s presentation of Every Brilliant Thing was wonderful. It is a powerful and joyful story (despite addressing the heavy subject of mental health, depression, and suicide) in the same spirit of [Shenandoah Shakespeare Express]/[American] Shakespeare Center; active audience involvement, minimal props/costuming, acoustic musician. All in a perfect Valley setting; on a stage/porch of a house, down a gravel road, tucked in the woods on the rear edge of a Mennonite farm. Luckily storms stayed away…Summer perfection.

Audience member for Every Brilliant Thing

Your theater company brings healing and closure

Audience member for Every Brilliant Thing

What happens at Silk Moth Plays

Silk Moth Stage will create an experience where people will come early, enjoy food together, toss stones in the Dry River, and chat in hammocks, all while enjoying live music.

They’ll experience a play together, one that is a new classic.

As the play ends, so will the day; our performances will be timed to end at sunset. The end of the play isn’t the end of the evening. Each show will end with more music, and this time invite the audience to become part of it—dancing, singing, a drum circle. Artists and audience will join together around a fire as the lightning bugs begin to flicker, to reflect on the questions the show raises, the truths it tries to tell, and the wounds it begins to heal.