Prussian Blue

History knows him as Frederick the Great, but Prussia’s King Frederick the Second was once a young, rebellious man whose gay exploits shocked a continent.

Join us on July 15 for a developmental reading of Nina Alabanza’s new play Prussian Blue, which explores King Frederick’s tumultuous and tragic coming of age story.

Seating is limited; admission is pay what you will, but we do require a deposit. To reserve a spot, buy a $10 ticket through our box office. After the show, we’ll offer you a crisp Hamilton, which you may opt to donate to the cause.

Meet the creative team

  • Nina Alabanza: Playwright
  • Aili Huber: Director
  • Ace Brown: Fritz
  • Scott Cole: King, Peter
  • Mikaela Hanrahan: Executioner, Mosel, Wilhelmina
  • Silas Huber: Robert
  • Fae James: Katte
  • Kira Newman: August, King Augustus, Louisa, Quantz
  • Kimberly Newton: Sophie, Stephanie