At Silk Moth Stage, accessibility is a core value.

Our location is similar to other outdoor venues. We aim to match or exceed the accessibility of typical outdoor theater productions.

Accessibility for audience

Finding Silk Moth Stage is pretty easy. We will provide you with directions via email when you buy your ticket. We also have large directional signs to help you find it.

We offer accessible parking adjacent to the seating area. We also rent a handicapped-accessible porta-potty. In this picture, the car is in the best accessible spot (we have accessible parking for up to five vehicles, but this is the best one). In the empty space to the left is where the porta-potty goes.

A photo of a gray car parked on the right side of a concrete slab. There is an empty parking spot to the left of the car. To the right of the car, you can see the Silk Moth Stage.

While it’s possible to watch the show from the parking slab (which is about 25′ from the stage), the official audience seating is in the lawn, which is flat, firm, and mown. The best seats are about 15 feet from the accessible parking.

If you have any accessibility needs, we have a spot to share those in the checkout page for our ticket sales site.

We always have accessible parking and restroom facilities available. For other accessibility needs, we appreciate one week of notice.

Those needs could include:

  • ASL interpretation
  • A volunteer to help you carry your chair and get it set up
  • Audio description
  • Extra close seating (our actors are not amplified, but they are very loud. A Deaf audience member who uses hearing aids and lip reads was able to hear everything from a close seat).
  • Financial accessibility: We offer free tickets for volunteering. And if our volunteering options aren’t accessible to you, just let us know. We have a donor fund earmarked for free tickets to create financial accessibility.
  • Other things. One core principle of accessibility at Silk Moth is that we can’t know what you need. But if you tell us what you need, we can probably figure it out together.

Accessibility for artists

Many theater spaces are ADA compliant for audience members, but they often do not provide the same level of accessibility for artists. At Silk Moth, we include an “accessibility” line item in every show budget, and we believe that accessibility goes beyond ADA compliance. We want our opportunities to be accessible to all artists. Accessibility money can be used to help with babysitting or transportation, pay to have a large-format version of the script created, build a temporary ramp onto the stage, or anything else an artist needs to do their best work.

Support accessibility

If you would like to support Silk Moth Stage’s efforts to create accessible theater experiences, you can make a donation to our accessibility fund now. We appreciate your help to fund this important work.