Is this a porch or a theater?

Yes, and. In 2021, Aili and her family had the old porch taken off their house. She designed a new one, one that was more open and welcoming than the old one. The night before construction began, her son, Silas, then ten years old, asked what the house was going to look like with the new porch. Aili sketched it on a scrap of paper. “Mom,” Silas said, “why are you building a Shakespeare stage on our house?”

“Wow,” Aili said. “It even has a balcony…”

Read the entire story on Aili’s blog.

Image of Silk Moth Stage from the downstage side, with children jumping off of it.

Why “Silk Moth Stage”?

When the porch was about half built, Aili’s kids pulled out their box of dress-ups and improvised a dance performance. Aili snapped a picture and sent it to her long-time friend and collaborator Scott Lange. Scott wrote back, “Silk Moth Stage,” and it stuck.

Children performing on the Silk Moth Stage
Elizabethan-style stage

You’ll also see lots of silks in our work, too. We love how they move in this space, with the wind shifting them as we play.

Is this theater for kids?

Not exactly. While we welcome audience members of all ages, our shows are not specifically designed for children. Many of them deal with themes that families might not be ready to discuss with their kids. Please check out content warnings and decide what conversations you are ready to have with your children.

Where is this theater? I can’t find it on a map.

Since Silk Moth Stage is a private home, we don’t publicize the address. After you buy your tickets, we’ll send you information about where the show is and anything else you might need to prepare. We start sending these every 24 hours, two weeks before the show opens, so if you buy your tickets early, don’t panic when you don’t get an email right away.

I think your ticket prices are too low and/or too high.

Thanks for that feedback. We have a deep dive on how we set our prices, and how to get free or reduced-cost tickets on our ticketing page.

How can I change my tickets? What if it rains?

See our policy on refunds and cancellations.

What kinds of accessibility accommodations do you offer?

We have an accessible porta-potty for every show. With sufficient notice, we can accommodate most needs, including ASL interpretation, audio description, etc. Please do note, however, that this is an outdoor theater, and we might need to get creative to accommodate certain mobility devices. We are committed to creating a theater where everyone is welcome, but we might need to ask you a lot of questions to figure out a good solution for your specific needs. Please contact us if you would like to know more.

Who are these cats?

We have several theater cats and people ask about them often. Here’s the low-down.

Not pictured is Tortilla, a dark tortoiseshell stray. She’s Clementine’s mom. She wants to hang out but she has no chill. Super unfriendly, and keep an eye on your picnic if she’s around.


Dilute tortoiseshell (?), born spring 2003. She used to be a holy terror, but now just wants to cuddle on your blankie. Be gentle, she’s old.

Hairy Pawter

Gray tabby, born summer 2019. A foster fail from Cats Cradle, Hairy is reserved, but wants you to come scratch his ears.

Porco Rosso

Gray with distinctive nose markings, born summer 2020. Another Cat’s Cradle foster fail, he’s our resident clown, always up for some physical comedy.


Dark tortoiseshell, born fall of 2020. She’s the shyest one, you might not see her. Very soft and sweet. She was a stray who came in from the cold “just until we can get her fixed.” Yep. Her favorite thing is her jingly collar, and she assumes that anything else with a bell is her friend.