Silk Moth Stage is the front porch of a private home located on a dairy farm in west Rockingham County, Virginia, on the Dry River. It takes about 20 minutes to get there from Courthouse Square in Harrisonburg.

The exact address will be shared with you along with your ticket purchase confirmation.

Attending a show

When you arrive at Silk Moth, you’ll park along a farm lane, and then walk the remainder of the way to our play house (there is reserved parking close to the stage for people with disabilities).

Please be aware that Silk Moth is on the back corner of a working Mennonite farm, bordering a forest. You can expect to encounter live electric fences, tractors, people on bicycles, cows, milk trucks, potholes, dirt roads (not steep), poison ivy, grass, bugs, cats, and weather. It’s always an adventure.

Please bring a lawn chair or picnic blanket when you come. We do not have any provided seating. We will reserve the space closest to the stage for blankets so that nobody’s view will be obscured.